Friday, March 21, 2003

i am done with finals! spring break beckons - new orleans, here i come =)

this quarter has been waaay longer than it really needed to be. i'm looking forward to a few days in a warm humid climate reminiscent of home, with reasonably good food and great company. packed nothing but skirts and tshirts, sandals and the like. it's set to be a very nice range of temperatures, from the midteens to the midtwenties. yay! my roommate has already left for paris for a whole ten days with claire, and a bunch of very nice happy people she knows...hope she's having fun already.

of course, the downside is that once i leave i'll be internetless until thursday evening or friday evening really, when janice returns from new orleans. =) oh well, it'll do my addiction good to go cold turkey once in a while. if it gets TOO relentless there's always the computer lab on campus when we get in on thursday...-grins- until then, however, there will be silence from this front in chicago. listen out for cellphone reports, people. you know who you are. =) thank goodness i got this cellphone, and that's all i have to say on the subject.

and now before taking off, i'm gonna go hang out with my housemates and celebrate while watching war footage on CNN. did you know the journalists are riding with the advance forces? watch CNN and be edified.



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