Friday, March 07, 2003

i didn't get to post yesterday because i came home after dinner and promptly went to sleep, it was ridiculous of me. BUT i did a survey online this morning and discovered that i may be significantly sleep-deprived, and i'm going to stick to that as my excuse for getting a solid eight hours last night and totally ignoring the work that i should have been doing -sorry paul! [of course, every college student in the country is probably sleep-deprived right about now, but oh well, too bad for us.]

yeah. so. yesterday: leon took me out to dinner at the Berghoff downtown [well in the Loop really] and a good time was had by all. the food was excellent as always -kudos to the Berghoff chef- and i was competely satisfied by their beer. the Berghoff, if i'm not mistaken, brews its own, and it is simply superb. those of you in the same country and/or have access to Berghoff's beer, you should definitely try some. it might not taste as good as it does on tap, but it's still a lot better than a lot of the bottled american crap that's on the market these days. nice rich and smooth -- and this is their light beer, i wonder what the dark beer tastes like...mmm...they also brought my dessert [a chocolate caramel brownie with ice cream and caramel sauce!] with a candle in it, the waiter sang me a birthday song, and treated us to dessert on the house. gotta love a family restaurant! which they are: the owners are still the Berghoff family, i believe. it's an old chicago institution; those who are coming to visit should really go take a look and have something to eat and definitely to drink...=)

we also had a ton of snow on my birthday night -a good six inches- so hanyann and i went outside for a walk to the Bart Mart, and along the way we made snow angels and did a swingout just to see what it looks like in the snow [a garbled mess 'cos we shuffle]. the snow was coming down thick and fast and pretty; the campus and its environs were blanketed in a mountain of pure white, as of yet unsullied by salt and road-slush because the cars were travelling really slowly; and everything seemed, for one evening, to be perfect and wonderful. and at Bart Mart i found my new favourite drink: the SoBe Elixir involving carrot and orange juice. it is the best, better than any Snapple on the market. it made my day, after a wonderful two hours of filming hanyann dancing with eduardo, then dancing myself, and then getting to dance to Paper Moon and L-O-V-E by Natalie Cole. woohoo!

finally as a random fact: African elephants are a keystone species both in the savannah and in the forests of Africa. i know this because i'm doing a NatSci project with paul on the trade illegal and otherwise in ivory, and we have both been looking up random factoids on elephants for a couple of days now. look at the African Wildlife Organisation for more information on the endangered species of Africa and why they're endangered. and find out what YOU can do to help save the elephants! who knows, one day an elephant might save you...-grins-

so there's my blog for yesterday. stay tuned for more --


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