Wednesday, March 05, 2003

i guess today's blog, appropriately enough on my birthday, shall be Navy-centric -one of my favourite topics in the whole world:

some interesting news has come to my attention: a changing of the guard in the army and the navy back home. i shall restrict my comments to a loud and angry wail of 'IT WAS OUR TURN' and leave it at that. the army has been CDF entirely too many times to be fair. look here for more information on the armed forces back home in sunny Singapore. going to this site also allows you to go download cool navy stuff including wallpapers, screensavers, and some of the old ad campaigns including my personal favourite: Stop Dreaming [get out of the bathtub where your rubber ducky is floating, crippled by a submarine attack, and Join The Navy! esp now that you CAN be a submariner...] i think i recognise some of the pictures that they're using as wallpaper, dad...'Victory Class'? =)

Here is the corresponding website of the USN. no cool downloads page, only tons of statistical information -which is totally cool and absent from the RSN page [the RSN page did not even deign to tell me who the current Chief is!] and some pretty pictures of aircraft carriers. [i'm obsessed with aircraft carriers. yummmmy.] i think what we need to be aiming for is some kind of a marriage of the two for a really decent website. oh, and of course, whoever writes for the RSN website really needs to work on grammar rules. honestly, people. =p but yeah, i think we need more information on the 'status of the navy' -though perhaps not QUITE as detailed as our american counterpart- more specifics like who's running the show, so i can wander around and randomly go 'oh, THAT person' at familiar faces. -grins-


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