Saturday, March 15, 2003

just home from janice's surprise dinner/birthday party for her housemate, Maria, who turns 21 on monday. yay maria! =) whoo - an afternoon of hectic cooking, rushing between three apartments with cooking utensils and a mudpie balanced precariously down two floors, and then jumping out of the bathroom with a loud shriek of 'SURPRISE' when maria's key turned in the door, carefully timed by the highly skilled Maggie, who kept her out of our way until precisely 7.15. =) dinner was a great end to a basically unexciting day: janice's Domestic Goddess side took over and we were overwhelmed with yummy food that reminded me of home -- and a gorgeous mudpie involving dark chocolate, cheesecake, and some kind of vanilla on Oreo cookie crumbs. which, unfortunately, sheryl could consume none of, having given up chocolate for Lent. =( ooooh, and we made satay by broiling chicken on skewers in the oven, which was delicious - the fact that the peanut sauce didn't taste like the real thing, in spite of all our efforts involving adding more peanut paste and coconut milk, didn't detract a bit from my enjoyment of the yummy food!

janice also cut a good two inches off my hair, removing all the split ends that were slowly driving me crazy, and making it look vaguely neat again! judos to janice for yet another skill to add to her resume. hopefully this also means a shorter turnaround time in the mornings, because it won't take so long to blow dry my hair! or even to wash it, since there's less of it still attached to my head at this point...

don't have much else to say besides the usual 'i need to go figure out how to write my Jap Civ final' -which i'm looking forward to writing, it's a real brain exercise- and i need to go and sleep =) oh! it was yet another beautiful day outside [it's past midnight and it's still a whole 7C outside!] with lots of real sunshine. i got to wear a skirt, and i almost wandered off to class in sandals. on hindsight, i should have - it was definitely warm there's hope that the weather is turning and soon it'll be warm again. i'll keep my fingers crossed.


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