Sunday, March 09, 2003

no, i haven't quite fallen off the face of the earth and/or died, i've just been a little busy/lazy with the updating process on this blog. so sue me. =) it's just been a funfilled weekend thus far:

friday involved dancing at Java Jive with a bunch of really good leads, and also included watching two really cute guys, Bradley and Nathaniel, dance with each other therey spoiling my 'last dance' with Jan. -grins- we sat it out to watch them and danced the next one instead. i also proved that fast lindy is still somewhat beyond me, though i can dance faster than i thought i could. it's exhillarating going at a fast speed, but exhausting at the same time -- after one dance with Eduardo i had to sit down, and he marched off in search of liquids. i'm not sure he found any...oh! and friday was also my last Natsci lab EVER, my last encounter with a laboratory of any kind EVER, hopefully, and definitely in an academic capacity, though i can't say anything abt future medical necessities. =) by wednesday my scientific academic education will be over, leaving me to pursue my social sciences degrees in peace and quiet. the elephant presentation went well, by which i mean we said what we needed to say, no more, and it progressed with some rapidity. there were no questions, so after our presentation i could go back to my dark corner of the lab and fall back into the sleep/semi-torpor i'd been in for the last two hours. it was a two and a half hour lab! torturous and horrendously long, but now over forever!

and then i got to spend a large chunk of saturday with leon doing nothing really, which was great. i love doing that. we need to do that more often. =)

and janice cooked me an amazing meal involving pork loins, brandy, cream [or half and half, rather -grins-], onions, frying, and caramelised pears. yummmmmy. i managed to somehow burn the pasta -imagine that, burning something that is cooked by boiling in large amounts of water. is that even possible?- but only in sections, so it turned out all right in the end. =) janice fully deserves the title of Domestic Goddess Extraordinaire. -applauds- and we ended the evening vegging out in the front of City of Angels and Sleepless in Seattle with HD gelato [tiramisu flavoured], a bottle of Berghoff's ale, and eventually a screwdriver each, with the good stuff - Absolut instead of Skyy or some similar brand of vodka that comes in a plastic bottle with a screw top. i'd also forgotten that Sleepless in Seattle started out in Chicago -he's an architect in Chicago who moves to Seattle- so we got some cool shots of downtown, and his office is in a building overlooking the Tribune building, so i bet if i head downtown i can figure out where they filmed it. =) i'm obsessed with movies filmed in part or entirely in Chicago, and shriek when i recognise the (a)Tribune building, (b) Wrigley building, (c) Sears Tower or (d) Hancock in any movie whatsoever. perhaps if i find the time i'll look up a list and post it here.

but now i am sleepy and tired, which are not always the same thing. so i shall go for now -- ciao!


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