Monday, March 17, 2003

ok, so i haven't posted here for a couple of days...=( it's pre-finals weekend though, so i plead busyness. it's also the warmest weekend in months, which is totally ridiculous. i've spent the last three days wandering around in skirts and almost in tank tops, the sun is shining and you can actually feel the warmth on your skin as you walk along. i have all my windows open all the way for the first time since the middle of fall quarter, really, and it's the weekend before finals. which means i have spent massive portions of it INDOORS, in the LIBRARY, behind huge glass windows that display the splendour of a sunny day in Hyde Park while effectively completely partitioning it off from me. ah well. the ironies of life. of course, it's supposed to rain all week after today. bah! chicago!

i didn't, however, just work all weekend. i managed to find some time on saturday evening to go to Doc and watch Spirited Away, the latest offering from the talented Hayao Miyazaki, who also gave us Princess Mononoke, and Totoro among other things. the version shown at Doc was unfortunately the dubbed and not the subtitled version, but it was still pretty good - the translations weren't too annoying, and the voices seemed to suit the parts, particular the voice of the dragon/boy Haku. Spirited Away has amazing animation, so detailed and beautiful you almost believe you could live in it, despite it clearly being imaginary and well drawn [no one could have colours like that in their backyard, it would blind them]. the characters were believeable and loveable, and comic relief was added with a deft touch [oh the mouse! and the little buzzing bird!] that added cuteness without annoying cloyness. =) i loved it; if you haven't seen it go out and see it, hopefully it's showing in a theatre near you. failing that, procure a copy on DVD [trust me, you'll WANT digital quality on this] and watch it at home. it'll be worth every penny.

but for now, i have to wander off and finish studying inflation, economic growth, and the labour market for an exam tomorrow. -sigh- the sun is shining...


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