Wednesday, March 05, 2003

so guess which birthday girl is now the proud possessor of a State of Illinois Driver's Licence? -grins-

it was a pretty good start to the day, i must say. the weather is fairly pleasant despite there being snow on the ground, and the threat of more heavy snow hanging overhead - it's ridiculously warm for chicago, a whole degree above freezing. i went outside in my shirt and jeans earlier to pick up my package, and didn't even feel cold. either i'm adapting to the weather, or the weather is we get to the test centre fairly early, and do a couple of test runs. while infinitely better than saturday's 'i've never seen a car or a road before' attempt to drive, they were still fairly horrible. still, it felt more reasonably like i was in control of the car instead of the other way around.

the test itself took approximately five minutes. perhaps less, i wasn't counting. after standing in line for a good three quarters of an hour, what's a few more minutes? -grins- the tester was a really lovely lady, we chatted a little about how all kinds of tests make us nervous -particularly health/medical tests- and then we were on our way...before i knew it we were back at the test centre, and she was like 'well done, you pass, congratulations!'

woohoo! =)


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