Thursday, March 20, 2003

we are going to war.

it is possibly one of the more depressing moments of my adult conscious life - i was too young to really comprehend Desert Storm all those years ago. watching Bush announce the beginning of the war, and listening to him say that the thoughts and prayers of the nation were with the men and women of the US military stationed in the Middle East right now, i thought to myself: how many of these men and women, when they signed on, really considered the possibility that they would see combat in their tours of duty? how many of their parents realised what this would mean for their children in the weeks leading up to this war? before it began, i was thinking only of the possible justification or lack of justification for this war, in the absent, theoretical way that i'm wont to think about things; but once it began, and it is clearly an unstoppable force, i find my thoughts with the people who are going to see the worst of the battle ahead.

and i find myself praying that a miracle will happen and everything will be over as quickly as it has begun. that the war will be short, and relatively painless for everyone involved, on both sides of a war that struggles to find a meaning in the face of overwhelming lack of support. the news agencies state, and i quote, that the main Iraqi army, the regulars, are 'disinclined to fight', which is a hopeful sign. but getting to Baghdad means facing the forces that Saddam has arrayed there to protect himself, and God help us all if it becomes guerilla warfare in the streets.

it's too disheartening to even begin to consider the ramifications of this war. it's time to go bury my head in the academic sands of Chicago life, and study for the math final tomorrow. war or no war, our academic life continues unabated.


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