Monday, March 31, 2003

yeah, so i'm finally back online after a long week without proper internet access. sure i've checked mail a couple of times in internet cafes, and on campus once i got back to chicago, and at janice's place even. =) but that's not the same as being here in my room on my laptop typing frantically away while icq msgs blink at me and AIM windows pop up everywhere. it's nice to be loved. -grins- i've just had my first dining hall meal of the quarter -yeeech- and am therefore fortified enough to tackle the update of the blog.

New Orleans was a great time. we arrived there on friday afternoon and it was warm and sunny and beautiful. i stepped out of the airport, got into the cab, and felt myself relax into the was great. [it was great prior to that too; landing at Charlotte in a tiny plane meant we got off onto the tarmac, and it was already beautifully warm and sunny there. a foretaste of bliss.] and then we got to the B&B and it was just the most pretty, amazing place, with so much SPACE for us to spread out, and watch tv, and sleep. so it was a week well spent, involving lots of rest, some walking and shopping in the French Quarter, LOTS of eating [Deanie's! the best seafood place in town, with our favourite waitress -- it was amazing how much we ate there, and our willingness to keep going back...] and wandering around Bourbon St in the night, stopping in bars and jazz places listening to live music and drinking [i want to say like fishes, but that would not be accurate at all. i think i had one drink per night. tt's definitely nothing, in Bourbon St. that's just appetizers.] i think other than the gorgeous weather my favourite thing has to be the food -- i am now a new fan of gumbo, jambalaya, broiled seasoned seafood, and tons of other things -BEIGNETS! with tons of powdered sugar and coffee. yum. best thing in the world on a sunny afternoon.

of course, bad things happened, like our car crash -thankfully no one was hurt, though i still feel awful 'cos i was driving and it was a really stupid accident. it makes me a little nervous abt driving again, but i think in the straight and slightly less narrow streets of chicago, i won't be able to make the same stupid mistakes...hopefully. at least i know what a chicago driver is likely to do, AND the streets here are almost plank straight. for some reason, i don't seem to be able to deal with curves very well.

so now i'm back in nice cold chicago -who says spring is here? not chicago, anyway- and getting ready to start classes tomorrow. hopefully the scheduling messup i just discovered will fix itself, otherwise i am in a little bit of a fix. am waiting on tenterhooks to see if it is true that i have a scheduling conflict, or if the registrar's office just cocked up again, which they do on a regular basis anyway. keeping my fingers crossed ---


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