Saturday, April 05, 2003

all right, so i haven't posted since monday. a little horrifying, but it's been that kind of week, what with tons of email flying back and forth Re: SARS and the wars, and settling classes and all kind of thing. i finally have a free moment to catch my breath, play lots of Snood, and write emails to everyone to whom i owe emails. and now to update my blog! yay!


here's the setup for the quarter: Econ 203 -Macro is your friend, unemployment is your friend, government is also your friend-; Econ 210 -Econometrics! which is statistics on steriods, growth hormones, and possibly recreational drugs; Stat 220 -the pale, wan, underexposed and malnourished younger brother of Econ 210, involving statistical probabilities and expected means and suchlike; and EALC 110 -Intro to Korean Civ by one Bruce Cumings. it's all beautifully set up so that on mondays and wednesdays, i have just one beautiful little fifty minute session with David Clifford [who incidentally shares a name with a famous MD, as Google informs me] and a certain statistics textbook; but on tuesdays and thursdays i wander from torture chamber to torture chamber...just kidding. Macro to Metrics; not a bad combination at all, makes me feel like a real econ student. hah!

so classes are looking good, i'm enjoying myself thus far...but it's first week, so we'll see how it goes.


it's official. i'm working with the Prime Minister's Office this summer, on something called 'Strategic Research', which probably means i have something to do with PS21. that can be good news or bad news, depending on the kind of grunt work they make me do. it is, however, located in Shenton Way, so for those of you who are Singaporeans, you'll know i'm going to vaguely near both reasonably decent food AND my favourite gym. yay! so there are my summer plans for you. =)

::financial situation::

just thought i'd throw this in here so i can bitch. MAN TEXTBOOKS ARE UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE IN THE US. that's all i can say. after bleeding more than 12K into the Bursar's coffers last week, i proceeded to have to purchase, just for this quarter's classes, almost 300 USD worth of books. that's buying as many of them used as possible. beat that. be thankful, those of ye back home in Singapore, that your books will cost nowhere near the cost of mine, either in the numbers on the pricetags, or the actual cost when converted to Singapore dollars. believe me, we could be doing a roaring trade in selling textbooks cheap on this side of the world...keep that in mind...

but yeah, so now i'm broke. which is bad. since i'm planning on going shopping tomorrow. need spring clothes. yeah. =)


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