Wednesday, April 30, 2003

desire [301102]

i am a bittersweet yearning
calling, calling over the rambling green
over the silvery trumpet-wall, listening
to the echoing silences reverberating from the mists.

there is a peace in exile, a clarity elsewhere unknown
of vision, born of distance,
that allows the estranged heart a reckoning,
a renewal of faith, a melting of the soul:
that in an unvarnished wordless memory
of a single nameless moment in time,
there lives a hope
for the eventual reconciliation of love

in other news -- my econ 203 and econometrics midterms are safely over, and while i made up some answers in both midterms, i think on the whole they kicked my ass. since i'm not expecting stellar grades in either class this quarter, that's fine by me. i now have better things to worry about -no, the stat midterm is not one of them- such as what i am going to do next week while the parents are here -yay!- and what i am going to do this summer re:going home.

dancing today was pretty awesome. now i can do the tandem charleston! and not feel like a total retard! wow, what progress from just yesterday, when someone putting me into a tandem charleston was pretty much guaranteed a tangle of limbs and a giggling me clutching helplessly trying to keep my balance while laughing too hard to breathe...oh wait, that was me two hours ago -grins- thank goodness for patience in partners -thanks to isaac and jan for putting up with my insanity and inability to balance on one foot longer than two seconds.

yeah, that was my big achievement for today. tandem charleston. what tomorrow? =) [not that i'm going to find out anytime soon, since i have that stat midterm to survive BEFORE going to lindy class...]


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