Monday, April 28, 2003

every day in every way I’m falling
everything that everyone says turns me on
shine a light on me
so that everyone will see
that I wanna stay here

time exists just on your wrist so don’t panic
moments last and lifetimes are lost in a day
so wind your watches down please
‘cos there is no time to lose
and I’m gonna stay here
and I wanna stay here
so just let me be

i can't believe what a beautiful day it is outside -- it's currently almost seven pm and it's STILL 23C outside, the sun is shining as if the world will never end, in that odd caramel colour that it turns after five in this city, and there are leaves on all the trees, and tulips and daffodils bursting into bloom all over campus. i can hear the law school fountain going through my open windows, which are incidentally opened all the way, and there's music and the sound of children playing floating in from the midway. i spent almost an hour earlier this evening, before church, lying on the quads outside of Ryerson on my jacket, just staring up into the blueblue sky, listening to my music and just dreaming. dreaming of what or who or when, i don't know, but my mind was floating off among the clouds was a great break from getting to know Mr. Government Taxation and Redistribution of Income, which i was doing earlier in the Reg. walking around in this weather is such a great experience -- it's warm, almost hot, when the sun gets you, but at the same time, when the breeze blows it cools you down, makes you walk slower, makes you appreciate the heat that much more...there are people all over the quads today just lying on sheets and mats and towels, playing weird forms of baseball [i think they were playing rounders, actually] cricket and god knows what else outside of Alpha Del, and just chillin' in the lovely weather. it's supposed to stay this way tomorrow too. it's lunch on the quads time!

ooh before i forget -- went to Willowbrook Ballroom last night for swingdancing. it's way the hell out there, but Hanyann had chris's car over the weekend, so she drove up, and Jan and i went for the ride. [Jan's a swingdance buddy, i love dancing with him, it's so much fun] i wasn't intending to go, originally, but when Jan came over to meet hanyann he basically insisted i go change and come with them, and i just decided on the spur of the moment -- what the hell, i'll go, it'll be fun, and if it isn't, i'll sleep/read The Bell Jar [yes mom, i've gotten back into the bad habit of carrying a book with me wherever i go, it's really antisocial]. so i went, and it was really cool -- got to see lots of amazing dancers perform, and then got to dance in my weird Payless heels on this really smooth dance floor...i couldn't control where i was going, but the circles were amazing! i love the feeling of swinging around my partner using the whole momentum of my weight and my's so much fun! lindy is the bestest form of exercise ever. =) i gotta do more of it.

unfortunately, this week will involve not lots of lindying but lots of studying -- Econ 203 and 'metrics midterms back to back on tuesday morning, and stat midterm wednesday evening. not the most enjoyable experience. but -on the upside- my parents will be here next weekend! unless the americans start quarantining passengers from SARS infected regions, in which case i will not see them for a long long time. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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