Friday, April 25, 2003

i'm jobless for the summer.

i'm also speechless with shock. the OSMP has been a keystone programme of the PSC OMS since as long as i can remember. as long as i have been aware that the PSC OMS existed. and they've moved us to next year's batch because of the whole SARS issue in singapore -- SARS related reentry problems, and fear of the disease itself. i'm still stunned that they think the situation serious enough to not recall their scholars - i've never really considered that an option of management, though i've certainly wondered what was going to happen re: SARS once i was back in singapore and then tried to come back here in september. i so honestly never thought that they would cancel OSMP that i was more worried about the PMO not letting me come back here early enough to get settled in than about the whole SARS thing.

now i have a whole new set of options for the summer. they definitely include going home at some point, maybe early in the summer holiday [though that doesn't quite make sense 'cos i should wait for the SARS thing to maybe go away] because Ben is going to be home from Sydney [he is coming home, right mom?] and Dad's bday is at the end of june. wow. i guess i'm going to stay in chicago most of the summer too, and just live in hyde park and find some job to do...which will be nice. i could also visit my people in london - they'll love me for descending on them i'm sure- but well...let's put it this way: i'm lazy.

so. wow.


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