Monday, April 21, 2003

it's been a crazy weekend. not in a good way. those of you who know what's going on will know what i'm talking abt; those of you who don't know -- well this is not the forum in which to find out. let it just be said that saturday was not a good day.

easter sunday was, as always, beautiful. for some reason the sun decided to start shining right before we left for Mass at Bond Chapel this morning. yes, i am attending catholic mass for some reason known only to myself -- well really it's because of the absence of an Anglican service anywhere on campus. i love the Catholic Mass anyways; it's so close to what i'm accustomed to, and its ritual calms me. we went in a group this morning -Rachel, Sean, Simon, Eric, Amaris, Paul and me, all gussied up for the occasion...Paul and Sean were dressed in suits [or in Sean's case something approximating a suit] and Rachel looked really pretty =) i wound up wearing a skirt, something i haven't worn to church in a while. [yes mom, a skirt. not jeans. =)] and it felt really good to be at Mass with the people i know and care about, and to be celebrating Easter in with them. it was a long service with parts sung in Latin Gregorian-Chant style [i learned to read Gregorian Chant notation! i'm so proud of myself] but i found myself getting absorbed into it...even when the child in the back started screaming, like the baby in the room always does at Calvert House, where i usually go on sundays. the only problem with going to catholic mass is i can't take communion because i'm not a Catholic. shucks.

i still miss Easter at home with my family and my godparents though. going to church on Easter the last time i was home for it was really good for me. and it won't be happening again for a couple of years yet...


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