Tuesday, April 22, 2003

it's monday night fourth week. FOURTH WEEK. where on earth did the time go. i checked my calendar this morning, realised that (a) my three insane midterms are back to back next tuesday and wednesday, and (b) my parents are going to be here next friday!!! where did the first three weeks of the quarter go, and why didn't winter quarter go this fast? so it's full panic stations, as i attempt to make up for the slacking off i've been doing all quarter. -shriek-

other than that amazing realisation though, monday hasn't been too evil to me. i called Cece this morning and we talked for a really really long time for the first time in a while. i'd forgotten how much i missed talking to her and having her pound sense into my thick skull. it was so much fun to just hang out on the phone with her and talk about college and being home for the summer and guys and that kind of girly thing that we always wind up talking about when we're together, that's sort of inconsequential in the big picture but oh-so-important in the small, daily life picture. i really miss my sister. and so we're making plans to hang out this summer as far as our schedules will allow, and somehow, in some way, i am going to convince her to come and visit me in this godforsaken corner of the country called Hyde Park and we're going to have a great great time. right? right? =p

and then EUN CALLED ME!!! actually, i woke up turned on the cellphone and got her message, first thing this morning. it was so cool to hear her voice, albeit over voicemail, asking me why (a) my voicemail had an american accent -grins- and (b) why i wasn't awake and on the other end of the line...just kidding. but yeah, it was awesome to hear her voice [just like it was tres tres cool to hear my cousin Jon's voice on easter day, asking me why i wasn't picking up either - well it was seventhirty AM and i didn't have to get up for Mass for another two hours, yo! call me back! =)] and then i called her when i got back from stat homeworking at Crerar and we talked for hours. was a great great time. i miss talking to Eun too, so much, esp since i literally had not heard her voice before this morning since spring break last year. over a year ago. how crazy is that? you'd think it'd be impossible for friends to go that long without talking to each other, and still be as great as we are now. =) but yeah, it was a wonderful two hours on the phone talking about the meaning of life and all that...and the usual girltalk i usually wind up doing when i'm with you guys =)

Wormz -- i wish you were here -- Cece, Eun, Alex, Amos, Ying, Feng, Charles...-wrinkles up nose- we haven't been together in the same place at the same time for so long now. i miss you guys. i could use some hugs and love from you guys. =)

and emily and i signed our lease this evening; we are officially renters. real world, here we come!


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