Tuesday, April 29, 2003

i've been very lonely and mixed up this week. =*( i wish the Wormz were here with me -other than you, jan, i'm still awfully glad you're here- but i'd really love it if alex were here to cheer me up and amos were here to hug me to death and just talk to me. the two of you always make me feel better. more human and more happy, and less like a piece of crap stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe. [i hope you're enjoying your holiday Down Under, teddybear, and that you and amos aren't trying to kill each other as i speak =p]

and of course i wish my she'enedra were here, but i always wish that. she's my common sense, sometimes, i think. i need her to whack some sense into this thick skull of mine, and make me realise that sometimes i'm the most stupid, self-destructive person on the face of the earth. you guys ground me, and i need that.

instead of being with you guys, i'm sitting in my room attempting to make five weeks of econometrics stick in my poor brain long enough to survive the midterm tomorrow. boo, life.


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