Monday, April 28, 2003

my heart almost stopped this morning: my aunt sent us an email saying that she'd just seen a suspect SARS case, her clinic was closed and disinfected, she and her staff were in voluntary quarantine until the hospital centre for SARS cases called and let them all know if the kid was a SARS case or not. almost immediately i read the next email which said that he probably wasn't. but i was instantly reminded yet again that two of my aunt-pack [my grandpa has four daughters!] are medical personnel and are therefore constantly at risk. while i'm tremendously proud of both of them for sticking with their guns at this difficult time, it's also worrying when auntie mary is spending some time at TTSH [where they're sending all the SARS patients] working with pregnant women/new mothers, and auntie kit is a GP so she's likely to see SARS cases before they're sent to the hospital.

at this stage, however, all we can do is pray things improve soon.

i wanna go home, i miss all my aunts and my grandpa.


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