Thursday, April 10, 2003

Note to Self: Dancing three hours straight two nights in a row -IE taking four Lindy classes at once- is Not A Good Idea. my quads are rebelling right now, they don't want to do what i tell them to, they're buckling when i walk. -grins- a great state of affairs, i'm sure you'll agree. but on the other hand, lindy is a great way to get some exercise, charge up the system, without running on a boring old treadmill or elliptical machine. plus i have great partners. what more could a girl ask?

it does mean that there is less time to do homework, and when crisis time approaches for some reason people's reaction is 'ask Jeanette for help!''s time for me to start screening calls, resist the temptation to meddle [sometimes people just need to go and fail on their own], and focus on Finishing My Problem Sets and doing at least SOME of the required reading for Civ. which gets shamefully neglected, because it doesn't command a grade for being finished on schedule. it's expendable. and i'm not THAT fascinated by korean history.

so yeah. here's the list of Lindy classes i'm taking: Beginning Lindy [taught by Edwardo and Hanyann, so i'm taking it again]; Continuing Lindy I and II; and Seminar ['Advanced Lindy' which is totally awesome, taught by Brainard and Dana, and their funky-ass moves are the ones making my quads fall apart]. great stuff.

need to read some before bedtime, which is actually over. man, no sleep for the weary...


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