Wednesday, April 09, 2003

updates on What Jeanette Has Been Doing With Her Life other than Studying [which she unfortunately has NOT been doing]:

(1) SWING DANCING! =) the bestest kind of dance there is. last night -- that is monday night-- the University of Chicago, out of the generousity of its golden heart, sponsored a Second Year Spring Event: a trip to Hothouse in downtown Chicago to hear Yoko Noge and her Jazz Me Blues band play. lots of people turned up, two whole busloads of second years, which is a lot for a second year event, but not many dancers in the i didn't get to dance all that much. i had one good dance with Jimmy a fellow second yr, and i also got to watch my roommate Hanyann dance with the really good people, like Nathaniel and Bradley, who showed up separately since they're not secondyears and didn't get to ride the free bus. -grins- ooh! and i also got to talk to Yoko herself for a little while -i ran into her in the bathroom- about life in college and life in chicago and dancing. tres tres cool. =)

and today i spent the better part of three hours -between seven and ten pm- dancing madly. learning to swing dance on campus, by taking classes taught by instructors affiliated with the Chicago Swing Dance Society, which is student run and organises swing-related stuff on and off campus, like workshops, and the weekly Friday Night Java Jive where people from all over Chicago come to social dance! i'm taking two classes back to back: Continuing Lindy II followed by Continuing Lindy I. that is SO much exercise it's crazy - we spent the first lesson learning how to do some fast Hollywood moves, so we did lots and lots of swingouts, which are exhausting if done fast and repetitively [and that's how we were doing 'em!], and then we did funny dip things that killed my quads. it was great. then Nathaniel and Jenn taught variations on the R-J for Continuing I, and i got to dance with some of my favourite leads in chicago until we all almost collapsed from exhaustion. an awesome evening all round, i'd say.

for more information on the swing scene in chicago, look here.

(2) Watching Awesome Movies . i watched 25th Hour on saturday with Leon, and it made me cry. Edward Norton is a fantastic actor, who made me cry both in Red Dragon and now in 25th Hour. he has a lovely style of underacting that's just really appealing to me - oh, and he and the dog have great chemistry in the movie, i love it. it was also shot in new york post-9/11, and feel to me somewhat like Spike Lee's ode, or perhaps tribute to New York in a difficult time. maybe saying something about what it means to be a New Yorker in post-9/11 days - for new york, time is divided now between before the towers, and after the towers. it didn't completely jive with the storyline -drug dealer spending last day of freedom before going to jail for seven years for possession- but still, somehow, that tribute fit in with the rough and ready, fuzzy-edged quality of the film. it fit with the toughness of the main character, and perhaps Spike Lee was trying to say something abt the essence of a new yorker.

there's going to be a lot of movie watching at Doc this quarter: the lineup is fantastic. this weekend, for example, we have Adaptation on friday and then Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on saturday, and sometime this quarter we're also screening Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Trainspotting...i could go on, but in interest of space, i'll stop. take a look at the schedule online and drool. =)

(3) Going to Great Concerts On Campus. the University of Chicago Presents concert series is pretty amazing this quarter. i have tickets to three of the concerts -the Susan Graham concert, the Cantus concert, and the Tallis Scholars- for the measly amt of twenty seven dollars, for wonderful seats in glorious surroundings [the Tallis Scholars are performing Renaissance music in Rockefeller Chapel, i can't wait]. the benefits of going alone =)

this friday will be a marvellous combination of all three: going from Susan Graham's concert at Mandel Hall to swing dancing at Ida Noyes [the Trilindython is on!] to Adaptation at Doc...such a surfeit of delight!

so that's what i've been up to/going to be up to leisurewise in the next few weeks. i've also been sending emails to prospective students abt the U of C and life in an american college in general as part of my duties as an RJ alum -grins- so lots of typing at the computer. now it's midnight; it's time to either work, eat, or sleep, i have yet to decide which...


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