Sunday, June 01, 2003

according to Channel Five, i make a better kid than a scholar and a better scholar than either a chef or a housewife. i would, however, make an excellent taxi-driver, if i could perhaps drive without getting into an accident. -grins- ok someone shoot me now for doing the 'self-test'...

this conversation must be preserved for posterity. it reads like something on the cover of Dan and Shereen's wedding invitation. which they sent to me anyway despite the fact that there was no way in hell i was going to be able to make it back home in time, because they wanted me to feel like i was a part of it too. taken from icq log, with many apologies to amberstar -grins- you know i love you, right, babe? -grinning- :

Windsong: we sound like elephants.
amberstar: bwahahah.
amberstar: -eeeeehhhhhh!!!-

Windsong: -raising an eyebrow-
amberstar: that was an elephant noise.
Windsong: oh. ok. i would never have guessed. =p


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