Friday, May 30, 2003

brief update on the status of my brother's shoulder: he's fine, he appears to be out of the hospital, he can use his arm albeit stiffly to type me icq msgs and he will be thrust into the world of physiotherapy come monday. poor kiddo. that's what you get for being the goalie and diving to make saves =) like the keepers for AC Milan and Juve during the penalty shootout for the Champions League final.

i hate it when it goes to penalties. penalties are so hit-and-miss. penalties are so stressful for me, and i don't handle stress when i can't run around screaming very well. then again, last minute goals -the Champions League final a few years ago between Bayern Munich and Man U comes to mind: i'm sitting on my couch at like three in the morning trying desperately not to scream and yell and wake up the entire slumbering household, but oh the intense stress of wanting my team to come through...and the joy and relief as they pull one last win out of their hats! and the still being unable to scream because mommy is asleep in the next room...let's say i almost choked myself stuffing my face into the couch pillows- are not much better than penalties. and my boys -Man U- have a nasty habit of pulling last minute victories in a will-they-won't-they manner. they're bad for my heart. how did i get here?? oh. ben's a goalie now. =)

oh man, it is so past my bedtime.


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