Wednesday, May 28, 2003

-clutches head and moans- why oh why can't it be the weekend again? in particular i would like it to be last friday afternoon, post-Civ discussion section, so i'd be totally free for the weekend ahead. and what a glorious weekend it was.

memorial day was the best of the lot, i think. the creeping awareness that the day after memorial day is of course TODAY, tuesday of NINTH week, nonewithstanding, waking up late with the sun high in the sky -there are enough leaves on the big trees outside my windows to keep me partially shaded from the glaring rising six am sun- and then staying in bed to read a novel instead of getting up to work must have been one of the highlights of the week. when i finally hauled ass out of bed and to the memorial day bbq in the backyard, half the day has passed soundlessly by. i only got out of bed when hanyann came into my room. =)

the BBQ was also amazing =) the food was all right, it was a dining hall BBQ after all, but the weather was absolutely perfect. perched on the top of the stone steps overlooking the BJ backyard, which is now covered in bright, lovely green grass and the trees in leaves and flowers, with the sun shining down on my skin -bared to the sun in a strappy top for once!- and the breeze keeping me cool as i dangled my feet over the high wall, i was supremely content for the first time in a while. something about bright sunshine and warmth without stifling heat or humidity makes me very blissfully happy. i sat there for a really long time, consuming my lunch and vast quantities of fluids -iced tea! lemonade!- while watching a pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee...the only thing that could've made it better was if the teams had gone skins vs shirts, and my favourite eye-candy had been on the skins team. -amused at self- ok, i know what you're going to say, all of you, don't say it out loud...

also got to hang out and chat with ruimin, here on a brief visit from MIT =) -waves- which was much funness. for some reason i'd forgotten he's also from rosyth and therefore i have known of ruimin most of my life without really having talked to him before. how weird is that? perhaps i will have a chance to remedy that this summer, when i descend on boston in an attempt to escape stifling chicago heat and humidity in early august, and visit sheryl at Havard at the same time. i miss harvard, it's in a beautiful city and it's On The Coast, where there is Saltwater. very important. SEA. not giant lake.

my brother's dislocated his shoulder for the second time playing soccer down in sydney, and this time he was sent to the hospital for it. it looks like his shoulder's just going to be randomly popping out from now on. =( i'm not dreadfully worried, but it really must be kind of nasty for him...

But if in your fear you would seek only love's peace and love's pleasure,
Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love's threshing-floor,
Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh,
but not all of your laughter,
and weep,
but not all of your tears.

-- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


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