Saturday, May 17, 2003

disclaimer ** disclaimer ** disclaimer: i'm fairly drunk at this point in time, so please forgive any (a) typos -i can spell, i promise, (b) sentimental ramblings you really didn't want to know about and (c) anything offensive that you know i wouldn't otherwise post here. =) i'm not quite sure what yet.

had a great time with the all-new-all-female SAMSU com at amanda's place bao-ing wanton for tomorrow's Summer Breeze extravaganza. i'm still trying to figure out who's going to be tarik-ing the teh -grins- and janice is short of bodypaint artists, but by god, we have several hundred wanton waiting to be deep fried and consumed. it was so much fun to hang out with Amanda, Sheryl, Jan, Ruoxi [Lao Ban] and Peishan, slinging insults at each other -it's pick-on-fill in the blank- day!- wrapping wanton, and drinking entirely too much alcohol. at one point janice proposed we play 'Truth or Shot' in an attempt to get peishan to spill the beans about her life, but it was rapidly decided that peishan would probably pick shot every time 'cos she can drink us all under the table, despite her tiny tiny size. it's really sad. i mean, to get anything out of her we'd probably have to play Truth or No Shot. =) we really should video these sessions so we can watch them in our old age and laugh at how strange and silly and happy we used to be.

it's been a long week, but finally the weekend is here, and i get to go shopping at ikea for my furniture -my nice new full-size bed, preferably with the bedframe being the absolute highlight, and also the armchair that i finally decided i would bite the bullet and get, and all the other cool things...=) heehee. and then emily and i are going to hit Matrix Reloaded and Xmen 2 one after the other tomorrow evening, it's going to be awesome.

alex is also leaving for his Europe Extravaganza tomorrow. -sigh- have fun, teddybear. talk to you soon. =)


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