Saturday, May 31, 2003

emily and i, along with paul bob and eric, trekked down -or eric drove us down rather- to our agent's office this afternoon and picked up the nice shiny new keys to our nice shiny new apartments. =) the lease begins sunday, june 1st, but we already have our keys...emily and i dropped by our apartment and let ourselves in! for the first time! and literally for the second time ever we looked around, explored where we were really going to put all the crap that we own [ok, on second thought there ISN'T as much storage space as i thought there would be; that might prove to be an issue. hmm.], and just got ourselves really really psyched about moving in on sunday morning. or beginning to move in, since furniture doesn't 'move in' until next week sometime.

it's such a lovely lovely apartment. for those of you who read this blog but who may never SEE this paragon of an apartment, here's a brief rundown: we're on 55th street, which is a nice major road, in a two-towered apartment complex that is apparently designed by I.M Pei. you will hear it referred to as the 'toaster oven buildings' but really, it's not that bad from the inside. we're on the seventh floor, which is a good deal higher than anything else in the surroundings, and we can even see downtown. today i realised i could see Sears Tower from my living room window, and probably from my bedroom window too, if i tried. =) the entire north wall of the apartment is window, and probably, if we're lucky, there'll be a bseball game at comisky park and the Sox will score a home run and we'll be able to see the fireworks exploding over Comisky. [i refuse to call it US Cellular Field. EWWWWWW.] we're in a two-bed-two-bath apartment -very ideal for two girls- and i'm in the room with the attached bath. em's is across the hall from her room. i love my room -- it's nice and rectangular and the shades are coming off those windows so i have an unobstructed view. if the light wakes me, the light wakes me. i mean, it already happens here -- i have a room that faces pretty much due east, and when spring was just beginning and the trees outside my window were still leafless, the sun would wake me up, full in the face, at like six am. -bitch and moan- but yeah, the apartment is so great. there's so much light! that's one of the most important things to me -- light. lots and LOTS of light. i love it when the apartment is bright. =)

and of course we have our own kitchen with a new fridge -which has a functioning freezer, something neither of us has right now. imagine the luxury of being able to have ice cream in the house and not have to eat the entire pint because there's nowhere to store it...-laughing- sometime i'll find somewhere to stick up pictures of my new apartment and the whole process of furnishing it -i foresee a lot of 'oh god i hit my thumb/toe with the hammer' shrieking- after i scrounge website space from someone, and you guys can see it for yourselves. =)

can you tell i'm really excited about this whole -i have my own apartment and my own space- thing? -grinning from ear to ear-

P/S the next time i talk to shereen, she'll be a married woman. wow. -even bigger smile-


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