Monday, May 12, 2003

from Eun's blog, read this morning:

re: RJ canteen - nette, for me the most memorable moment has got to be when ying started saying something about how she could scoot across the bench without hands and proceeded to look like an inchworm in a rodeo, hopping with her butt across the bench posthaste. And I attempted to follow. And the worms were there! Nearly all 7 of us. I couldn't do it for the laughing fit that grabbed me and shook me and released all that pent-up stress from the Hist 6 paper which I had just screwed up. Or so I thought!

-shrieking with laughter-

oh dear god, i'd forgotten that ever happened!!!! -still giggling- i couldn't stop laughing at the sight of BOTH eun and ying scooting -or in eun's case, attempting to scoot- along a canteen bench like inchworms while the rest of the girls screamed with laughter and the boys looked on in utter horror, and then tried to pretend they didn't know us. heeheee. heeheeeee. -giggling some more-

i can still see the look of horror on some random guy's face as he caught sight of this spectacle. -giggle-


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