Saturday, May 10, 2003


i know it's not your birthday over here in the US, but it sure is where you are =) so i hope you guys are having a happy birthday. in alex's case, post-psychometric test is when your birthday starts, you get a few extra hours that EDB doesn't deserve to be able to steal from you =)

ok. i know cece is just waiting somewhere with a two-by-four to whack me on the head after i say this, but it has to be said: i officially take back everything i've ever said about The Matrix. i have just returned from seeing it on the big screen for the first time -at Doc, no less- and i can officially now say that i think it is an awesome movie. AND it's set in CHICAGO! mariangela and i were like 'wells and lake? state and balbo? we know where those intersections are!' and i guess the special effects are a little hard to fully appreciate on a small screen, off a very badly pirated copy of the movie..=) ok i CAN explain myself: when The Matrix first came out i refused to go and see it because (a) it was a keanu reeves movie and (b) the trailers just didn't appeal to me, the lines were SO bad. =) [i still think the lines are bad but at least i can now appreciate the special effects -grins-] but i wound up watching it at home on a pirated VCD just because we wanted to see how bad the lines were, and i spent a lot of it screaming with laughter...

but watching it again i realised that (a) this is such a U of C movie, for some bizzare reason -- i think it's the way Morpheus keeps asking seeminly obvious questions about what is real and what isn't real, and therefore sounding like one of our hum profs, or someone in the philosophy department acting cute- and (b) the lines really are bad, but if you ignore them the rest of the movie is really good. in a different way from XXX, where you have to ignore all the lines ever said, and then just sit back and enjoy the fast cars and the things blowing up, disengaging your brain. The Matrix requires at least minimal brainpower. =) maybe i've just learned to take life a lot less seriously than when i was fourteen or fifteen years old...=)

looking forward to seeing the sequel --Matrix Reloaded-- this coming weekend -not tomorrow but a week from tomorrow- during my shopping weekend with emily. who knows, we might even be able to catch Xmen2 as well!

read an article in the Straits Times online about Jennie Chua, who runs Raffles Hotel back home and is the incoming CEO of Raffles Holdings at 58. here's a sample of what she has to say: 'If I step back and others have gone ahead of me, do I say I've wasted five years? The answer is No. The result is the children I've brought up who are happy, polite and well-scrubbed. So what if at 50, I did not make CEO and it only happened later at 58. Does that make me less happy? I think not.' i think she's really awesome. she's outspoken and confident and charming, and she's down-to-earth and funny. she's great. =) there's a woman we can all look up to! more power to her! =)


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