Thursday, May 22, 2003

i am currently enraged at the piece-of-shit newspaper back home called The New Paper which is the equivalent of a slightly retarded wannabe tabloid that would last approximately ten seconds in a place that had a real journalism industry. my old friend Kevin gave me a head's up yesterday, informing me that my picture had appeared in the New Paper alongside an article on the fundraising we'd done for the Courage Fund while we were over here in the states. so far, no issues, i was a little embarrassed because it's the New Paper, for god's sake, but still...well, go read the article for yourself at Kevin's blog where he has faithfully reproduced it verbatim for your reading pleasure. not only is it one of the most terribly written pieces of writing i have ever seen, it is also factually inaccurate -- and this is where i go up in flames: we are so NOT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO. we are the University of Chicago, home of the best economics department in the country, home to one of the best undergraduate programs in the country and these moronic reporters can't get it right because They Can't Be Bothered To Check The Notes We Wrote Down For Them. oh dear god, i think i'm angry enough to have a coronary, right here right now.

-takes a deep breath and attempts to calm down-

it annoys the hell out of me that people back home are obsessed with the Ivys and know NOTHING about anything other than their names. i honestly refuse to believe that you're going to get a better education at an Ivy than at the U of C in economics, or in general; and yet back home when i say i go to the University of Chicago, unless i am in a crowd that includes some of the real brains in our country, everyone is like 'oh, UIC?' or give me a blank stare. i want to give them the finger in return. it is SO frustrating. i have to bite back the urge to reply 'no, i go to the University of Chicago, only the best undergraduate economics program in the country, in a school ten times any school your lousy ass will ever be able to get into' and smile and nod. grrrrrrrrrr.

-takes another deep breath-

damn, lost all the good mood i'd built up over the course of the evening. H's brother Han and his friend Justin arrived in Chicago today, stopping by on their return route from DC to Denver to drop some stuff off for H's appartment [he's lending her his leather couch and his bed. i want an older brother to stop by and give me things too!], and we all went out to dinner. i always have fun with H and Han, and i like Justin, so i had a good time at dinner, despite the fact that at that point in time i had neither finished my problem sets nor done the reading for tomorrow. ah well, such is life. =)

i had another rant all planned out for tonight but the whole New Paper incident just blew it out of my head. rest assured that we are taking action IE sending the reporter snippy emails about how some stupid people are incompetent and should not be allowed to publish their writings; and sending profoundly enraged letters to the editor in chief demanding a correction be run. if it were left to me i would also demand that said reporter be either punished or sent to write articles about monkeys being eaten by snakes in darkest africa. oh i think i remember what i wanted to say:

i read Evan's blog earlier tonight, and her description of watching the sunset from a board room in Shenton Way made me so homesick i almost started crying. when i stop to think about it, i can see the picture in my head of the sun slowly sinking in a fiery mass, staining the sky a range of reds and oranges faded to a bruised purply-blue over the Singapore River, with wisps of clouds and the light warm breeze blowing off the water, the smell of salt in the air. it just made me realise that i haven't seen that picture in so long, or the picture in my head of sitting at my desk back home with my feet on the desk, staring out the window at the deepening dusk over the tall, old trees that line Simon Road outside the old army camp, and listening to the birds coming back for the night and waiting for darkness to fall -as if i were holding my breath waiting for the sun to fall below the horizon, and the night to begin.

it's past time for me to come home. i barely remember what my room is like anymore -- i remember isolated pictures, like waking up and rolling over to find shafts of sunlight lighting up my sunshine-yellow walls; my bedside table on which is perched a teddybear named Vanyel [my she'enedra has Tylendel], a bunch of other stuffed toys including a loved-to-pieces teddy whose name i no longer remember, and my room bedside phone!; my bathroom with the happy yellow-duckie tiles on the walls. i want to be back there again, right now...


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