Friday, May 23, 2003

i know i'm posting an inordinate amount today -- blame it on the fact that i don't want to be doing my korean civ reading. bleah. although the book is sort of interesting -- i'm reading Think No Evil in case you missed it the first time -- about Korean perceptions of evil. the tenuous claim that the Korean equivalent of evil is what's happening in Korea because of globalisation is a claim that i tend to want to reject out of hand though. it's going to take some convincing arguments to make me believe or at least accept what the author is claiming at this point. however, i am also on like page twenty, so i'm not going to make any statements i can't take back at a later stage. =)

just returned from a post-dinner drink at our local bar, Jimmy's -my inaugural trip there, in the company of one Paul Staniland and one David Berger, which was lots of fun- and found a msg from cheetung about how he has succumbed and now has a blog of his own. i leave you to read his opening post; it expresses his shame at succumbing to the blogging community far better than i ever could. [by the way, 'tung, it amuses me that i can hear your voice in my head as i'm reading your blog; we really do write stream-of-consciousness style] i like the whole blogging craze; it helps me keep in touch with people i rarely see or get to talk to for extended periods of time, like 'tung, and kevin, and vincent, and's all good, lets me keep a handle on what's going on with them so that when we next meet we're not quite total strangers. i like my friends, and i'd like to keep them as my friends -- blogging, like evan says, is one relatively efffort-free way to sort of stay in touch beyond the occasional hello on various instant message programs.

it's also my grandpa's birthday today -happy birthday gong gong!- as i found out when my dad called me this morning and informed me that i had been expected to call them...i must have either missed the email or had the email mom sent me totally slip my mind -more likely the former than the latter, i think- but oh well, they called while i was drying my hair this morning [thankfully it's a thursday and i was up] and i got to talk to much of my crazy family -grins- i discovered i can still hold a semi-coherent conversation in mandarin as long as it revolves around food and schoolwork; and i had a nice chat with my aunt and my parents re: a certain retarded article in The New Paper with the accompanying photo. my aunt contends i look 'pretty' in that picture; i'm more of the opinion that i look like a stunned rabbit/duck cross - but that's what family is for, i guess, to tell you you look great when you're clearly staggering around on your last legs. =)

and now it is time for me to return to my Korean Civ reading...we're getting our papers back tomorrow, and if i'm one of the rare Cs in this class i think perhaps i might cry. but deep inside, i'll know i deserved it.


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