Wednesday, May 14, 2003

i was wandering around on the net again, looking at my friends' ljs/blogs, and realised that while they all post at normal college student times - IE middle of the night/wee hours of the morning- my posts come at wildly erratic times, sometimes in the middle of the afternoon, sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes for no rhyme or reason at ten am on a wednesday morning. i guess that just demonstrates how much time i spend goofing off at my desk instead of working. erm. =) yeah, the wonders of a permanent internet connection. i did, however, manage to complete my econ problem set that is due TOMORROW, so i am allowed to briefly feel like i have accomplished something.

reading evan's blog also reminded me of lots more happy things about studying in RJ for the exams, and i keep asking myself why that doesn't happen here, why i can't have that feeling of solidarity and camarderie again...i think part of it is the very fact that these exams i keep having to take aren't as important as the A levels. they were perhaps the most terrible exams i'll ever have to take in my life -- two whole years' work in one exam, and just months to cram it all into my lazy-ass maybe we needed that desperation to make it work. -grins- i've found my own way to work here, sometimes at my desk alone in my room with music plugged in so i'm oblivious to the outside world...and sometimes in the silence of the law library, at a huge table up against the window facing 60th street, though that sometimes induces daydreaming, esp if the weather is lovely outside and all i want to do is go outside and lie down on the grass and sleep. and sometimes in the Reg. but it's all not as good as those crazy last few months of JC. i think we all secretly want to go back and be kids again, without responsibilities and with college and all its potential to look forward to.

oh, and H's brother came into town last night and took us out to dinner -he's on his way home from law school, gotta go study for the Bar exam back in Denver- at Giordano's downtown. it was loads of fun, though i've decided that Giordano's is overrated, unless their delivery pizzas are better than the ones in the restaurant. i'm a big fan of Gino's -patty-style sausage, what a great idea- and i like edwardo's here on campus -mmm fresh tomato sauce, juicy and yummy pizza-. think Giordano's is too dry. but that's beside the point. it was nice to see Han again -grins- and it was fun going out to dinner with him and with H. it's always a great time with the two of them. =)

now it's time for me to make it to class. hmm. statistics. also am going to look at buying a stereo system for my room later today. we'll see how that goes...


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