Sunday, May 11, 2003

i'm so moodswingy it's ridiculous -- i think i need some good oldfashioned retail therapy -grins- it's been a reasonably productive day though: i finished my first draft for the ten-page korean civ paper due on friday so that's out of the way, sort of...=) and i got Shereen her wedding present! online shopping rocks our world...i hope both she and dan enjoy it when they receive it, sometime in the next three weeks depending on the vagaries of USPS and SingPost...=p i also talked to mommy and daddy for a while -they're back in singapore! may baby, feel free to call them and pick up present anytime. -blink- do you even have my house number? -laugh- -which was nice, except they were having lunch at the hawker centre and i really really wanted to be having lunch at the hawker centre with them.

oh, and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY in advance to mommy =) i hope you get something cool at church, and daddy gives you a nice present for being such a good mommy =)

i think i need to go home for a while, it's been too long away from Singapore. despite the fact that sometimes i don't really like what's happening at home, i can't really deny the fact that i'm Singaporean and Singapore is my homeland, it's where i really feel like i belong and i know what's going on. it's time to head on back and recharge for a little while before facing another year at the U of C. not that i don't love it here, and don't feel like chicago is home, but it's not quite the same as the place where i was born and raised for almost twenty years before i even set eyes on this place. so i'm heading home for a month this summer, from the middle of june to the middle of july -- it should be awesome, since my best people are going to be home too: eun and ying and alex and cece and charles and maybe even feng, though perhaps not since he appears to be working here in the States for the summer, little brat. =) i've been away too long from the people who support me and make my life a better existence. =) it's time to hang out with them and just them for a while. definitely. i miss you guys. =p i also miss the food and the beach -- i want sun and sand and saltwater, none of this Great Lakes nonsense for me. i want to be able to smell the salt on the air and feel it in the water when i jump into it --anyone want to go to Sentosa with me again? this time we'll wear sunblock, i promise, no more major sunburn-peeling-session for jeanette this hurts!

for some reason in the last week i've sort of lost focus -- like what's going on with my life right now, i'm not sure i know anymore. i'm finding it hard to work particularly in East Asian Civ...i don't like the way Bruce Cumings lectures, and when the weather is nice and the reading isn't pressing i tend to slack off [ooh the law sch fountains just went off] and not do the reading and get really far behind. i'm pretty much lost when it comes to korean history right now, but i find i don't really care. i'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. on the other hand, 203 and 'metrics absorb me just as much as they have since the beginning of the quarter, so perhaps it's just a matter of my working better when there's more structure to the classes. now that we're returning to our regularly scheduled problem sets -oh god, stat problem sets need to die- i think we'll see a return to focus and hard work during the week. i've also been dancing a wee bit too much than is good for me i think =) i'll probably be cutting back to two or three classes for the rest of the quarter, i really need to work on getting some work done during the week. still think lindy is the coolest thing ever though, i must find some way to dance over the summer...

oh speaking of which, i received an email from Abby earlier tonight about a raid on Hothouse on friday night -last night- by the Chicago PD for some unclear, possibly politically motivated reason. it was immediately prior to a scheduled performance by a Cuban band. for those who don't know, HotHouse is a non-profit performing space for arts groups, and every monday night Yoko Noge and the Jazz Me Blues band performs there. we at the U of C swing dance society -the Chicago Swing Dance Society- are big fans of Yoko and HotHouse, and it's a Big Big Deal that they've been closed -told to cease and desist all operations, to quote the email- with a court hearing on the 30th of May. if this is in some way politically motivated and if it's coming out of the mayor's office, it's going to be a very trying and angry time for the swing dance community here in hyde park, and the northside, and indeed all of greater chicago. i want to hear clear and compelling reasons for the raid and closure of HotHouse, and i'm very sure that i'm not going to get those reasons. damn this.

it's been a mixed bag of a day...sort of productive and lonely at the same time, it's really quiet around here. i'm not sure what's going on with that. the weather isn't helping either: we're getting the really strange thunderstorm-sunshine combination that's either a result of springtime weather in general, or more probably as a result of the werid weather systems that are causing the tornados further south of us in the midwest. we aren't in tornado country, thankfully, because watching footage of people who are is just terrifying. this is really weird weather -- it's currently warmer than it's been all day, and it's almost midnight. grrrr.

speaking of almost midnight, it's almost time for me to be in bed. tomorrow is yet another day to be ploughed through and conquered =)


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