Monday, May 12, 2003

i've just read eunice's latest blog re: reconstructing the RJ canteen table for studying, right in her own bedroom. two things: EUN! you never told me about your Ikea wardrobe, you dork! -giggle- remind me to be Very Careful when Assembling my Ikea furniture next month; i have no desire to have an unuseable (a) dresser, (b) desk/desk chair or worse (c) bed. the bed is very important. it is perhaps the most important piece of furniture i am about to possess. it will be a FULL SIZE bed. no more crappy twin beds for me!

second thing: i miss studying in the RJ canteen. i know this is going to sound like i have completely lost my mind to every Singaporean with the possible exception of Eun and maybe Ying, but -- i LOVED studying for the A levels back in the day. i used to work in the RJ canteen, at the very tables that Eun described, often if not always with Eun around, lounging around in an old Raffles tshirt of some kind, and the rattiest, most comfy shorts that existed in my wardrobe [esp if i had the car to send me to sch, then i was even RATTIER, like worse than the clothes i wear around in the dorm now] and sandals that were falling-off-my-feet comfortable. and i would sit on two canteen benches, and/or lean against one of the convenient pillars that supported the hall above our heads, and the fans would be on and the sun would be shining incredibly brightly. and i would attempt to do Econ MCQs, or math problems, or take history notes, and mostly wind up staring into the field or at the carpark for a while, daydreaming until my phone buzzed or eun kicked me under the table and demanded to know if i was being productive. and having people around me while studying, everyone working really hard and really focused on their work, but in a friendly way -not the i-am-going-to-kill-you-to-get-a-better-grade kind of way- and willing to help each other out. perhaps i have romanticised my memories of studying with people somewhat, or perhaps i studied with the best damn group of Rafflesians that ever existed [Evan, you ROCK!], but i loved working in that canteen with my huge mug of teh-o [auntie would make it when she saw me coming into the canteen with my huge-ass backpack and files exploding everywhere, and have it ready when i got to her counter, she's the best] or Heaven and Earth Green Tea canned by Coca-Cola. those were the days. =)

my favourite memory though has GOT to be studying for the LitS paper. of course, with our dumb luck, Lit S was the LAST A level paper to be offered in our year, so everyone else finished about a week before we did, and went off to party, my dumb then-boyfriend included. -grinning- so Ying and I are sitting -or more appropriately, lying- on our canteen benches reading and underlining and highlighting one really warm, muggy weekday afternoon while every other sane RJ J2 was off partying, in the absolute dead silence of the RJ canteen, and after a while i roll on my side and say to Ying: 'i think i want to kill myself right now.' and for some reason this strikes us BOTH as unbearably funny, and we can't stop laughing for five minutes straight. i think alex calls us at some point during the laughing fit and cannot make sense of what either of us is trying to say. i think i may remember that moment until i die. =)

but now i'm here at the U of C...and my favourite study spot is now hiding in a Reg cubicle, hidden from the sunlight, in the crappy lighting that makes everyone and everything look sick and the crazy either-too-hot-or-too-cold air situation. i'm definitely a RegRat. or a Lawbrary fan. i like the whole bright wall of windows and BIG TABLES deal, plus if i sit in the lobby instead of IN the library, i can play music or talk to Hanyann since we're usually there together. but no Crerar for me -- it's too creepily silent, i feel guilty for breathing in there. ok. the time for nostalgia is past. time to either work or sleep or goof off --


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