Monday, May 19, 2003

just back from a weekend of shopping up in Evanston and Skokie, involving a trip to Ikea, Marshall Field's, Linens 'n' Things, and various other places, netting my home furnishings for the coming two years here in hyde park. whew. fourteen hours of shopping really takes the strength out of your legs and back, let me tell you -- my back is now killing me, and my brain can't even think straight at this point in time. but i'm back, we made it, we got all the stuff we needed to get this weekend, and it's done. yay! thank god for deliveries, or we would never have made it.

also got to watch The Matrix Reloaded and Xmen 2 on saturday night: i LOVED Matrix and not just because keanu reeves is So Hot in black leather especially when he's moving. mmmmmmmmmm. i loved the coat they put on him: floor length in black with the mandarin collar and buttons. it was beautiful. but he's a beautiful man. =) i also realised, watching the movie, that he reminds me of a certain friend of mine - i really should tell him this, i think it would make his day...-laugh- but other than the -keanu reeves is a beautiful man in black leather who can kick anyone's ass- vibe, there was also a sense of the real, dependent relationship he had with Trinity...i was thinking after the movie that i had just seen something that managed to simultaneously be a romance, an action-movie, a sci-fi thriller and vaguely thought-provoking all at the same time, and i had really loved it. i can't wait for the third to come out this fall: i am so going the moment it opens this time...the character and relationship development just made me so much happier.

and then came Xmen. now i can honestly say that i like Cyclops so much better after the second movie than i did after the first, just because the first movie i was sort of annoyed at how he interacted with Jean Grey, his girlfriend --he seemed to be treating her like his cute redheaded psychic sidekick instead of her being a real person you know? and then in this movie their relationship became so much more clear and deep -i almost wanna say i like the tortured Cyclops who wants to die because he thinks she's gone, and he's in enough pain to let Wolf attempt to comfort him, just because Wolverine is as affected as he is, or close enough. [ok, i'm incoherent, forgive me, i'm exhausted =p] it felt like i'd watched two great romances unfold, without being hit over the head by it Too Much [in the case of Neo and Trinity, well...let's just say extended sex scenes not my style in action movies, but ok in this movie i guess it's sort of understandable, though not as effective as his stunt at the end] and thoroughly enjoyed the journey along the way. ooh, and Rouge and Iceman/Bobby. i wanna see more of them in the next movie, i love Rogue. she's so cool. and Bobby too. =)

ending this before the rambling becomes annoying -- oh yes, alex is now in Italy, while i am slogging away here at the cold cold U of C...enjoy yourselves, alex amos ying and charles...=p


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