Wednesday, May 28, 2003

The Matrix as Plato's cave from The Republic? it makes sense, in a 'paying homage' kind of way: the people plugged into the Matrix see only shadows of reality; the ones who escape, are 'enlightened' are the ones who must go back into the 'cave' and force the rest to see that shadows are not reality. but their minds cannot be forced, they must be led...

these two movies are somehow in a completely new genre -- they're the first attempt at the intellectual action movie, and while i HATED the first movie when i first saw it -because the lines were SO BAD and corny, i couldn't stop laughing long enough to appreciate the shiver-down-your-spine horror of the concept, plus i hadn't read Plato- when i saw it again this quarter before Reloaded opened in theatres downtown, i was suitably impressed. not just by the cool action but also by the cool ideas that backed the action. i for one can't wait til this fall when the last one opens. i'm So There on opening day.

time for me to get on with work, after spending lots of the evening dithering around at 'metrics, then ordering from Victoria's Secret with janice -sheepish-, and yakking with lots of cool people online...=) the internet is, as rachel says, a huge timefuck. =)


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