Sunday, May 25, 2003

oh, wandering down memory lane while reading friends' blogs is simulataneously touching and painful, because while it feels so good to find out what's going on in their lives, and to walk through the remembered hallways of old schools and of hawker centres in the mind with them, it's a painful reminder that that's all behind us now, and that i'm far away from home and the people and places that i love. i've just discovered that my old A01A classmates are producing blogs like nobody's business: tung has one, and now i find adrian has one -waving madly at adr-, and reading adrian's blog reminded me of the warm days three years ago when we would wander around RJ/Ghim Moh eating good food and talking nonsense in the afternoons...and lots of other things. those really were the days, and it's making me feel so nostalgic that i want to cry. this is bad; crying jag = bad, especially when (a) you've been on one this week already, and (b) you have work to do.

it's funny how in the last week i've come to feel like i've reconnected with so many people. i'm particularly pleased about finding out about adr's blog and tung's blog; i also spoke to alvin briefly -re: Yale Bombing, looked scary, esp since he is still there- and just checked my email to see that ryan's sent one out, albeit a mass mail, but still it's nice to know he's alive. =p i haven't seen or talked to a lot of you people in ages, and it is really great to be reminded of the friendship we all share. [ok, now i'm getting maudlin, so i'm going to leave it at that. just let it be said that i miss you guys and being with you guys. =)]

so many things to say: i've discovered that this blog has evolved from what it originally was -- a forum for me to vent my inner rants to the world, like the superlong post on the Aims of Government like two whole months ago. simon once commented that my posts were really long and he didn't read them all the way through --well what can i say, i'm a wordy wordy person. but now it feels like i'm having a conversation with old friends, and it's such a lovely, addictive feeling...i never really thought about the connection potential of the blog before, although i feel it constantly, esp since Shereen started keeping one and i kept up with how her wedding prep was going through it, when i didn't see her online. =) [yay shereen! you're almost there!] i've also just read eun's post about leaving her apartment for a new one in the new year, and am sitting here thinking to myself that yes, i will miss living here in Mathews house for the little things: the sunday morning extended brunches over Dave's New York Times, the sound of the law sch fountain through my bay windows, the marching downstairs at midnight to hang out in friends' rooms and chill til bedtime -- i will miss being with all of them, and i'm afraid that when we don't live together, we'll stop hanging out together. but i guess it's time to leave this one to fate.

adrian: murakami is the best. i LOVED Norwegian Wood when i first read it; it's one of my more treasured books on my shelf here at college. Leon gave me a copy earlier this year, and it currently lives, well-thumbed, here in my room. it fascinated me with its unique...tone is the best word i can come up with, the feeling the book emanates that is so different from the rest of the stuff living on my shelf. one day i'll get around to reading the rest of Murakami, like Dance, Dance, Dance. =)

all right, i've procrastinated long enough; it's time for me to head outside and do some reading in the sunshine...


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