Tuesday, May 27, 2003

quick post before taking off to Memorial Day BBQ: life may sometimes feel really really shitty, but there are real gems to light up the darkness. i quote from Adr's blog:

...and an honourable mention goes to jeanette, who said (cut and paste directly from icq): "no nice girls in the offing? =( what a waste, adrian, you're a real treasure, you know? it's hard to pinpoint exactly why. i think it's because you'd make a great, sensitive, caring, supportive but not overly possessive and smothering boyfriend."

i can't believe i said that -- not that it isn't true, but that i typed it out and sent it. -grins- ok, to all the girls out there reading this, now's the time to attack my tagboard -since adrian's is out of commission =p-- and let our boy know what a wonderful human being he is! -wink-

your post made me smile, adrian. thanks, i need all the good humour i can get these days.


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