Thursday, May 15, 2003

two things in the last twelve hours: (1) i wanna be like Catherine Zeta-Jones when i grow up =) and (2) i am obsessed with guys who wear sweatshirts.

(a) i have just returned from watching Traffic [the movie not the actual] at Doc, and i am amazed all over again by Catherine Zeta-Jones. the woman is amazing. i think the first movie i ever saw her in was Entrapment with Sean Connery and she blew me away then -- and then Chicago knocked me off my feet and now in Traffic yet again. i mean, sure, in this one she's the wife of a drug lord who first finds out her entire lifestyle is funded by the addictions of preppy highschool kids, and then gets into the drug trade herself to save her son's life -- she did a great job of displaying her character's gutsiness and survival instincts and how she loves her children [her son and her unborn child, she's six months pregnant!] and her husband and yet wants to keep herself on top of was so cool to watch her, and i was thinking to myself -man, she looks so good, and she's so strong and cool: i wanna be like that when i grow up. [yes, i have regressed to childhood.]

i remember when Traffic came out it got a pretty mixed bag of reviews. of course, i never trust the Life! reviews - i think the reviewer for Life! just loves movies i hate and hates movies i love. if he/she/it slams a movie i'm pretty much guaranteed to love it. no, my tried and trusted reviewers of movies tend to be alex and adrian -for some reason movies they like tend to be movies i like, though in adrian's case you have to be careful with the genre of movie we're talking about. let's just say i laughed basically all the way through Sweet November: it's possible that adr's heart is even softer than mine. but i think we couldn't watch Traffic when it came to Singapore: we weren't old enough! this whole being twentyone thing is so awesome; now i can watch the good RA stuff at home. like if i'd been twentyone a few years ago, i could've watched American Beauty when it opened, instead of having mr R tell us he'd seen it and sort of liked it...=) anyways, back to the movie: i think one of the complaints a lot of people have with regard to the movie is that the various plot strands aren't tied in very tightly -the characters run past each other in Tijuana, they stop at the same traffic lights, they're all involved in the same court case and of course they're all plugged into the same underground, drug dealing network. but that's where it ends: they don't interact with each other; we're essentially following three different storylines played out in two and a half hours.

now i don't have a problem with that. in fact, i'd like to see more movies like that, that sort of show the connections between people and events, but don't bludgeon the audience over the head with said connections, you know? let people sort of realise what's going on on their own. movies that rely on classy acting and not on hackneyed plot devices or familiar lines to get through two hours. it lets me engage my brain while disengaging from the real world, which is what i'm looking for in a good movie: i liked 25th Hour, i liked Red Dragon [oh wait, those are BOTH Edward Norton movies; oh that boy is HOT] and i like Traffic for that reason. sure sometimes i go to the movies to completely escape this world -ANIME! Spirited Away is an awesome example of an animated movie that will make you forget that you're a human being, almost, esp if you see it in a dark theatre, and NOT the dubbed version [though in all fairness, this time it wasn't TOO butchered i'm sure] but the subbed version.

Traffic was amazing; i'm glad i hauled my lazy self over to Ida after dinner to watch it. i almost didn't; it's cold and rainy today, and i have work -IE a paper- to do. but i'm still glad i went, even if i did go alone. =) my brain is still processing what i've seen.

i'm also thinking about the idea of love, and what it means to love someone and to be in love with someone. what makes it a marriage kind of love? like i see a couple on tv and they're just so clearly a partnership it makes me jealous, in a visceral painful kind of way, for that kind of partnership. i want to be able to lie on someone's lap and let him hold me when i'm scared out of my mind, and find reassurance and comfort in that. but how do you know when the guy you're with is the guy that you are going to spend the rest of your life with? and what are the chances that you are going to find the one person who will understand you inside and out, know what to say in every situation to make you smile, who can be your partner in everything -and that he will want you back?

(2) this is so weird after the long rant on movies and love. but whatever. guys in sweatshirts. mmm-mm. =) i'm not sure what it IS about the sweatshirts, it just makes me look twice at guys i would otherwise basically ignore. it's funny. or guys in suits. guys in suits are waay cool. so that's really strange, 'cos you'd think well -- guys in suits, well she wants someone who's older and wiser and can look after her, 'cos suits emanate you know power and money income and that sort of idea -grins- esp guys who wear suits with CUFFLINKS -wink- i love cufflinks- but at the same time she wants sweatshirts? huh? i think maybe it's how they make guys look sort of goofy and more approachable. -laughing- like Dan wandering around the RGS staffroom wearing his maroon(?) University of Melbourne sweatshirt that made him look like a giant bear. -grins- yeah well that's what you get for having an office in Siberia. my desk was cold, and i was two steps from the front door. your cubbys were basically icy-hell-holes. but you had a computer!

maybe i am crazy. -grins- i am also almost at the end of my second year at college.


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