Friday, June 27, 2003

I'm a Bluemarine girl!
Bluemarine: Soft and subtle and definately
feminine. You are classy and cute with a
little girl all grown up appeal.

What fashion designer fits you
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hmm. time to go shopping. need pretty dresses.

just realised that the times on my blog are all wrong -- my laptop is set to US central time otherwise it won't be able to talk to the U of C servers shutting me out from my email. so no, i haven't lost my mind and started posting in the middle of the afternoon; subtract thirteen hours if you're in chicago, and twelve hours if you're on EST, and you'll get a much more reasonable number.

was reminded two days ago that i have read Robert Fagles' translation of The Illiad and The Odyssey. don't you get a strange chill down your spine when you come across something you too have read in a book? -- like a connection, however spurious, with the person you're reading. a little mental monologue: 'i have read Herodotus, Anne Fadiman, i know precisely which passage and what words you mean.' how sweet is that?

There's no one to hear
You might as well scream
They never woke up
From the American Dream
And they don't understand what they don't see
And they look through you
And they look past me
Oh, you and I dancing slow
We've got nowhere to go...


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