Wednesday, June 04, 2003

exerpts from The Economist's City Briefing for Singapore this month:

Off the list

The World Health Organisation (WHO) removed Singapore from its list of SARS-affected countries after the city-state went for 20 days without reporting a new infection. Dr David Heymann, the WHO's executive director for communicable diseases, said that Singapore's handling of the crisis had been “exemplary”. But Khaw Boon Wan, the incoming health minister, promised to remain on the alert.

Eat at home

On June 6th, hundreds of busy Singaporean fathers will be sent home from work early to dine with their families. Some 30 companies are participating in “Eat With Your Family Day”, in the hopes that such dinner-table bonding will help the country's families. The event, which was conceived of by Singapore's Centre for Fathering, jump-starts Family Week. Edwin Choy, the centre’s co-founder, points to American studies that have found that the family that eats together, stays together.

i wish i could be home for this. the height of irony: both the kids will be out of the country on that day. in fact, for all of family week.

* * * * *

reading evan's LJ is always great fun -- evan, you guys kick ass [re: movie tickets]. i can so imagine a bunch of prospective lawyers really getting into gear and arguing the hot air out of the poor manager...-laugh- i really enjoy reading her comments on life at a law firm, and all the stuff she's doing with all these people -- although i must admit that i am highly envious of the wonderful food she talks about. like BBQ stingray, which i haven't not even smelled in MONTHS, and fried carrot cake, and char kway doesn't help that amos just sent out an email telling us that he's on his way home, and he's prbably at home eating chok and kway chup by now. -whine- i wanna be home chowing down on BBQ stingray and sugarcane juice and goreng pisang at Chomp Chomp too!

well it seems that i am finally done with econ core -- had my last 203 class today, and only the final stands between me and freedom from 'Elements of Economic Analysis I-IV'. -grins- i'm sort of looking forward to taking my final, despite the fact that it's at eight am on thursday of reading period -oh the torture- because it'll mean i'm done. i also sort of enjoy taking finals --don't shoot me!-- because they're such one-off things, i get to sit there and stare and puzzle and pull my hair, but when i walk out, i'm done, completely done. and i never have to deal with it again.

i'm really glad i took 203 with Mauro instead of Casey Mulligan like the rest of the singaporeans. -grins- partly because Mulligan seems to have wandered quite quite far afield from the stuff that the rest of the 203 classes are doing, but mostly because i really like Mauro's style. he explains things in a clear manner, he's endlessly patient with questions -which, considering this class is a nine am class, tend to be a little on the random, what's-going-on-here side- and he displays a surprisingly dry sense of humour which is greatly appreciated. he also seems to understand what it's like to be an undergraduate taking a full courseload with a full complement of problem sets, midterms, and finals to go with. =) if anyone reading this intends to take 203 at some point in the future here at the U of C -grins at teddybear- bear this in mind when picking classes...just today we had an hourlong discussion of the asian financial crisis and various other financial -i want to say monetary/currency, but that would take some defending i think- crises around the world in recent years, and it was fascinating. i stayed awake the entire time, on short sleep, at a nine am class. how often does THAT happen? oddly enough, very often this quarter. wow.

it's so weird to think that i'm almost halfway through my undergraduate career: in approximately nine days Spring quarter of my second year will be over, and i will be officially halfway to graduation. i know a lot of people who are graduating this year, and it's almost impossible to imagine that once upon a time they were at the same stage i am now -- whoa. of course a lot of those people are graduating thirdyears not seniors -herbert, serjin, weekiong- so i don't know why i can't imagine it -- i was HERE last year when they were rising thirdyears. i guess it never registered that they were going to be leaving at the end of this academic year! i think i'm still mentally in the middle of my firstyear, timewise, it's hard to comprehend that it's been two and a half years since we graduated from RJ. the only thing that's making it real for me is the string of msgs and emails i've been getting from guys back home proudly proclaiming that they (a) are busily clearing leave and are free from camp! or even better (b) have ORDed. and then proceeded to go on long Europe holidays. -grins-

* * * * *

Dance with me forever
This moment is divine
I'm so close to heaven
This hell is not mine
This hell is not mine...


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