Wednesday, June 25, 2003

exhausted, for some reason, and sentimental, for yet another unclear nebulous perhaps completely unfounded reason. considering i did almost nothing strenous today, i shouldn't be this tired. weirdness.

for the record i love the Northeast Line. -beams- it gets to me town in fifteen minutes and makes the prospect of staying out late and buying lots of things including alcohol so much more savoury because i don't have to get onto a bus at AMK and endure another twenty minute ride after the train, or have mom or dad pick me up from the station 'cos they think it's too late for me to take the bus alone. hrrrrmph. =) though they haven't done that very much lately; i think they've finally accepted that i'm old enough to take care of myself. the NEL makes things like staying out to dinner with friends even better than it used to be. speaking of dinner with friends -- dinner with evan and eun at Spageddies at Tanglin Mall tonight was a blast. [i'm surprised i managed to find it; at first i wasn't sure if the building i was staring at was, indeed, Tanglin Mall, and surreptitiously walked around it until i saw the tall white letters over the entrace proclaiming that i had found the right building after all] catching up with old friends is the best part of returning after an extended period away from home.

i think perhaps it is time for bed, before the sentimentality takes over, i become maudlin, and this post becomes twenty thousand miles long. =) tomorrow is another long day --


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