Thursday, June 05, 2003

i hope to high heavens that i don't oversleep tomorrow morning and miss my final. that would be horrible. if people who live here or even in this country are reading this, please somehow make sure i wake up tomorrow morning at seven am and STAY AWAKE not go back to sleep like i have been doing. because my final is at eight. so somehow, telepathically, prevent my brain from falling back into slumber.

i think perhaps it is time for one last review of:

(a) Money
(b) Financial Intermediation including a model of bank runs, yay
(c) International Economics including a discussion of the Big Mac index. yes, mr R, i still remember when you first told us about the Big Mac index. long live The Economist.

and then bedtime. good night, world. =)

* * * *

Listen as the wind blows
From across the great divide
Voices trapped in yearning
Memories trapped in time
The night is my companion
And solitude my guide
Would I spend forever here
And not be satisfied...


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