Sunday, June 08, 2003

i'm dying for some chocolate right now -my fridge, unfortunately, no longer contains any, although it holds a truly mindboggling amount of vanilla coke and mountain dew in two flavours, maybe i should host a party- and there's a bunch of firstyears playing 'I've Never' down the hall. [don't know what that is? it's a drinking game. you take turns to say things like 'i've never wanted to have sex with a goat on new year's eve by candlelight on a cruiseship' and everyone who has had such desire/done such a deed has to drink.]

i'm also enraged at all korean men, because of comments like these:

"It is genetically ordained that men should win over women. Think about it: can a dog give birth to a rabbit or a rabbit have a puppy? Men and women are physiologically different. If you don't agree with my opinion now, you will in the future. God made it this way; that's why He made two sexes. I am on the outside, and my wife is on the inside. Is that system not efficient? Of course, if I were a woman, I might not like it, but I am a man." -- Dr Y. director of a cancer hospital in Seoul, 1987-88

"In the old days, everything was set up for the men and the women just endured it. Things have changed, but I think it's getting out of hand...They are not polite and respectful as in the past. They are just concerned about their rights, not their responsibilities...I think men should have their work and women theirs. Women are the ones who should serve coffee. It looks so good seeing them do it."

it outrages me that these people and these attitudes still exist in the world. you would hope that these mindsets would have been eradicated along with the dodo. it makes me so dizzyingly angry that i can't see straight, and i have to physically work off my anger by pacing around the Reg like a wild animal. it would drive me to drink if i were korean. it would drive me to murder, because suicide is so not worth it. it makes me infinitely wonderfully thankful i am not korean, but it also sucks ass because korean women have had to put up with this kind of crap from stupid stupid korean males with Madonna/Whore complexes for the last millenia. oh dear god. i cannot believe how infuriated this makes me.

no one in their right mind would call me a feminist -at least not with the negative connotation that 'feminist' has these days- and i am far from likely to rush out and smack someone because of some perceived slight to another person because she is female. i'm just not militant that way. but i am a firm believer in female equality -that we serve an equally vital function in society, we are capable of doing almost anything men are capable of doing, and when it comes to our minds there is NOTHING inferior about them. women are perfectly capable of looking after themselves and keeping themselves alive, and they do not deserve to be subjected to the crazy fucked up social constructions that men want to put on them to make men feel better about their useless little selves.

this is totally unacceptable behaviour. it makes me want to go outside and hunt down every korean man over the age of thirty and shoot him behind the ear from point blank range. that's really what i want to do right now. 'Of course, if I were a woman, I might not like it, but I am a man.' well, Dr Y, i hope you live a long and healthy life paralysed from neck down, totally dependent on your wife, who will then proceed to abandon you because you are a cripple and no longer able to provide and therefore are no longer 'masculine' by the definition of your messed up mind. that's what i hope. because anything else would be too good for a chauvinist, misogynistic, arrogant rat like you.



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