Saturday, June 21, 2003

it's good to be home, in familiar -bug-infested- territory again. it's warm and muggy but it's home, you know? and i haven't been home in so long. nine whole months. when we were descending toward changi international airport i had my nose glued to the window just like the ten year old boy sitting in front of me, and when the lights around changi came into view i had to suppress the urge to cry. it was just so great to see the familiar outlines come into view, and then as we touched down on the runway i had the insane urge to clap...and i rue the fact that i'm flying United, because if i were on SIA, as the plane taxied toward a gate someone would have said: to all the singaporeans on the flight -- welcome home. and that always was the first thing that made me feel like finally, after a long long time, i'm home.

so now i'm back in singapore after my first full day here, getting used to the heat and humidity and wondering how i survived this before...i'm sure that upon going back to chicago in july i will wonder how i survived the dryness and the cold. -grins- people are strange. have already consumed my favourite BBQ sambal stingray from Chomp Chomp and had my sugarcane juice -- not yet the Goreng Pisang but hey it was midnight, they were closed, gimme a chance...=) -- and done some shopping...the sales are about to begin and i can see myself owning lots of new pairs of shoes soon. and clothes from Zara. the Zara in Taka is huge and full of pretty pretty clothes, i can't even begin to list the ones i wish i owned. or could wear.

and then -bells of doom- i went to the dentist. i really like Shirley, she makes dental appointments almost-stress-and-pain-free, and she's very fun to be around. but still, sometimes, she is the bearer of bad tidings. verdict: surgery in two weeks to remove both wisdom teeth on the left side of the jaw. at least i'm going to go under -not GA, but IV-sedation- and therefore will sleep through the entire procedure. i'm still wary of post-op pain though. why do we HAVE wisdom teeth? they're a bitch.

on a high note: ying is already home and eun supposedly landed four hours ago at changi and cece is here. so we're going to try and have a get-together sometime this weekend. yay! it will be so cool. it's been 14 months since i last saw eun, which is 14 months too long. =)


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