Wednesday, June 11, 2003

it's one am the night before my stat final and i've just stayed up reading Queen Noor's autobiography Leap of Faith about her life after marrying King Hussein of Jordan instead of studying for it. but i have all day tomorrow, when i'm not freaking out over moving out. i've also just read evan's post in her LJ about wanting to work for the legal dept of the UN, and i am reminded of several things:

(1) reading Leap of Faith i recalled learning about the events that she talks about -the Camp David Accords stand out in my memory in particular- back in J2, for history 7. i was a middle east specialist -among other things- and i remember watching the news and reading the papers and scouring The Economist obsessively for analysis related to the situation in the middle east. i remember we all joked about praying that Yasser Arafat would not die while we were preparing for the final push to the A levels; the groans of disappointment and despair as the hardliners were once again elected in Israel -- we had so much invested in this paper for that one short year leading up to the As! and getting a different perspective, the perspective of a american woman who adopted Jordan and her King as her new country and family, and made the problems of the middle east peace process her own, is simultaneously a little disconcerting and absolutely fascinating. i'm really enjoying this read.

(2) like evan i wanted to work for the UN or the IMF or the World Bank -in that order- at some point while i was studying for the A levels. while reading The Economist [taking a break from scouring it for references to Israel, the Palestinians, and Egypt] i would page through the ads for 'economist for the IMF' and look at the requirements: work experience, degrees, everything. i thought that i would plan my life around getting to my eventual goal: working for the UN in new york. wow. [evan, i can totally sympathise with your complaint about living in the future: i spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about grad school even now, never mind what's going to happen post-Bond-Completion when i'm thirty] i mean, my main motivation for applying for an MAS scholarship was that working for the IMF requires central bank experience, and what better way to get it than an MAS scholarship right? i thought then, and perhaps even now, that i WANTED to be a central banker.

my chosen profession -at least for the next ten or so years- in the civil service back home may still put me in line for a job at the UN eventually. the question is, when the time comes to make the decision to go for it, will i do that? just like asking myself if the chance came for me to become an academic, would i do it -- i don't know.

i have just this one life, and so many options to spend it on!


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