Monday, June 16, 2003

Kwekkie's Quote of the Day: As she's walking by the lake with janice: "I can't decide whether I should go to the Reg or to eat."

i can't decide which is more sad: the fact that the quads are echoingly empty and barren of people, or the fact that i am here in CRERAR, my least favourite library, because the Reg is of course closed on the weekend of finals week spring quarter. see what the lack of internet access will do to me? it makes me do such ridiculous things.

walking through hyde park at eight pm reminds me that the core of hyde park life is the four thousand or so undergraduates who live and work here in hyde park nine months of the year. because right now the streets are silent, there are no cars parked along university or along ellis, and the libraries are dark and cold. it's melancholy-inducing. -sigh-

time to head back to janice's for dinner -- i'm finally starting to feel like eating...we had brunch at Orly's this morning, the kwek-lee-shum gang, and the food is so good. alex: i was making orgasmic mooing noises, in honour of you crazies -giggle- after a two mile walk along the lake and a two hour nap, i think i'm finally ready to round off the day with some homecooked food...

Kwekkie's Quote of the Century: "Do you think they make fat-free whipped cream...wait! wait! I didn't just say that!!!'


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