Thursday, June 12, 2003

my roommate is standing at her whiteboard which is posted on the wall in my room, drawing protein structures and screaming at me...welcome to finals week, spring quarter, university of chicago...

speaking of finals week -- I'M DONE! i am officially halfway through my college career at the U of C. i'm done as a secondyear. isn't that cool? i'm still reeling from the unexpectedness of it. i'm completely done with Core, i'm done with Econ core [i just have four electives left and i will have finished my econ concentration!] and am all prepared to start the political science grind come the fall. and i'm celebrating, of course -- i'm moving stuff to the apartment in stages, all my clothes went tonight [my dresser is almost empty] and my books are already there. going to the apartment tonight was really cool too -- i haven't seen the view after dark before, and the lights of downtown are really pretty! despite the fact that the crappy pollution turns the sky orange and makes it hard to see the pretty lights. and i've realised that we have tons of light in the apartment, way more than we need. the one lamp in the living room already lights everything up, and we have a couple more lights in there...and my room is well lit by just the one lamp standing in the corner next to the bed. i guess when all the furniture is set up and in place there will be less white-wall to reflect light, but as it is right now i have plenty of lights, and three more lamps to come!

more building tomorrow -- i think i may start on the bedframe tomorrow. yay! and friday when we're all done, we're going to go out and PARRRRTEEEEE. =)

before i go to bed, one question: what is an evolutionary biologist? what do they do? what is their function in this world?


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