Wednesday, June 04, 2003

a postscript:

have been reminded of the importance of getting your explanatory and dependent variable right in regression analysis, for fear of drawing stupid conclusions from upside down regression lines. for example, see statement: '..American studies that have found that the family that eats together, stays together.' now i would think it's much more likely that the family that stays together eats together, wouldn't you? so which is your explanatory variable? =p

* * * *

my roommate and i are on the verge of completely losing our shit. -shaking head- i am seriously looking forward to next thursday. next thursday has become my holy grail. and the thursday after that, i'll be home. looking forward to shopping at Kino -- M. Atwood has a new book out i might want to read, though i have yet to read Blind Assassin [i know, i know, don't shoot me] which i will do over the summer, i promise. after getting such a lovely cheap hardcover copy last spring in a little bookstore in Cambridge and carrying it all the way around the world [uk to chicago to singapore] how could i not? =) and of course there is always the new Harry Potter, which will be many hours of pleasure curled up in my armchair at home. what else do i want? oh if i had an unlimited book budget...

a postscript to a postscript:

the Seminary Co-op here on campus is having a booksale. the co-op is the best academic bookstore in the country and it even has some pretty cool non-academic books. so since i'm feeling generous -and- the bookstore is on a 20% members-only sale this weekend, i'm taking book orders at this address until the weekend. -grins-


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