Monday, June 02, 2003

short post tonight in deference to my exhausted-beyond-all-reason state -- i'm only posting because of my incredibly exciting day. =) yes, it is Move In Day. emily and her parents and i moved stuff into the apartment today -- we currently have one chair set up in the living room, one dining table, the kitchen is all set for us to move in, dishes and knives and frying utensils and my pride and joy, a new Tefal pan i'm so looking forward to seasoning. =) a bunch of my clothes and towels and sheets and bedding all moved in, and more to come over the next week. it was a brilliant day, and the view from our living room window was simply breathtaking, i don't think i've seen downtown quite so clearly from up high before...

but all the moving did mean we started work at seven thirty, which means i had to haul my lazy butt out of bed at the ungodly hour of six forty-five AM on a SUNDAY MORNING =) and to top it all off i have picked up a nasty infection in my left ear which makes moving my earring burn like the fires of hell, and had me clutching an icepack to my ear, sitting on the ground and whimpering after i cleaned it and Put The Earring Back In -whimper- this evening. but other than that minor -ok not so minor- glitch, everything went according to schedule, and my aching body can attest to the amount of heavy lifting we all did today. =)

imagine that. jeanette is moving into Her Own Apartment for the first time ever. wow. i owe lots of people including my parents email regarding this, AND i forgot to bring the camera to record the moment for posterity, but i'm too tired to do anything about it at this stage. short sleep = bad.

goodnight, sweet world! =)


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