Monday, June 23, 2003

spent the entire day with some of my favourite people in the entire world: eunice, ying, and cecilia. -beaming- plus i went to St. Andrew's cathedral for service for the first time in nine months, and it was wonderful to be back in the familiar, beloved space, participating in the well-remembered ritual, the liturgy, the singing. slightly changed by SARS, but mostly the same nonetheless. seeing all these friendly familiar faces again was a really wonderful thing: little karen who is now so tall -she was tiny when i left!- and looking forward to being my godbrother's flowergirl at his wedding in two months; her two brothers and her mom; my godparents and my godbrother and his wife-to-be, joy. i love my church and am greatly attached to my congregation, and it's like feeling something inside of me snap into place to be back here with the church and the churchgoers.

and a completely different feeling of something snapping into place to be with eun and ying and cece again. oh i haven't laughed this much or this long in a very long time, haven't felt the happiness of being with people who understand what i'm talking about and know what i mean even when i don't have the words. people who use 'efficacious' and 'rictus of fear' -grinning- in everyday conversation without flinching, and think nothing of continuing a conversation by yelling up an escalator in the middle of sale-crowded takashimaya. -laugh- it was a great day, and i'm looking forward to more great days like it while we're all home.

everyone is on their way home, i can barely keep track of who is where. really looking forward to the time when everyone who is going to be home is home, and we can all hang out together for a few brief moments before we all scatter to the winds again for another arduous academic year.

...the blue rose fair
one cannot gain
if glove or guard be worn
'tis only when one risks the pain
of flesh against the thorn...


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