Saturday, June 28, 2003

taken from Neil Gaiman's online journal: a rap composed by Britain's Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, on the occasion of Prince William's 21st birthday can be found here. and it is appallingly bad -- what i want to know is how this man became poet laureate and is there some way we can have him removed and replaced with someone with real talent? for example, joshua yap comes to mind. or koh tsin yen.

i want more sandman comics from Neil Gaiman, but failing that i want some kind of repeat performance along the lines of Good Omens which was coauthored with, of course, the incomparable Terry Pratchett. i think the release of a new Terry Pratchett is more cause for celebration than the new Harry Potter. i know, i'm going to be stoned for that remark. but it really is an entirely distinct genre and mode of writing. in the meantime i return to my old copies of Discworld novels, and snigger at all the in jokes i now understand, having survived two years of being educated at a liberal arts college.

and i near the end of Globalisation and its discontents -- this is what you get for reading three books simultaneously -- all three go slower. though it might benefit the reader more.

a shout out to adrian: many thanks for my own copy of Dance Dance Dance! gotta love murakami.


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