Sunday, July 20, 2003

back at my computer for the first time since thursday night -grins- it's been a great, fun-filled, event-packed final weekend of my summer vacation back in singapore. still am finding it hard to believe that i have been home a month now --where does time go? gail, i totally understand your bewilderment at realising that three weeks have gone by: what have i ACCOMPLISHED in the last month? other than having my wisdom teeth out? -- and i am almost about to leave again for another few months in chicago. at least there is christmastime to look forward to.

friday nite: everyone who turned up for the Humanz Party 2003: thanks for coming, it was a blast! i couldn't believe we got this many people to come; josh couldn't either. it looks like we have a good stab at reviving that humanz list that mr R let die...=) it was wonderful seeing so many of you again, and catching up with what's going on with everyone, and talking to the tutors. if i hadn't been so exhausted by my day at the beach it would have been even more spectacular for me, i think. -grins- the BEACH! sentosa's beaches, while not fantastic, are much better than East Coast -grins- and i spent most of friday morning baking in the sunshine. however, since i cleverly put too much sunblock on [ahh the fear of burning like i did last national day at the same beach!] i do not have a satisfactory level of brownness of skin. so perhaps there will be another trip out to the seaside squeezed into my schedule for the next three days -- i can always stay up all night wednesday night to pack, right? who needs to pack anyway? -wink- and saturday was the best, spending time -read all day- with the people i love most in the entire world, other than my family. the Wormz really are the family that i've chosen for myself, and every minute spent with them is precious -- i wouldn't exchange them for anything in the world. except perhaps even more time with them.

time to go hang out with jon and the rest of my real family one more time...


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